Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland is a leading Finnish TV production company.

We produce multiple successful and award-winning entertainment and drama series for Finland’s biggest tv channels.

WBITVP Finland has developed many popular formats such as SuomiLOVE (international title: Soundtrack of love), Siipan Saappaissa (What Do You Think I Do), Pientä pintaremonttia (A bit of fixing) and Sinulle on postia (Special delivery).

We also produce Finnish versions of beloved, international successful formats by the Warner Bros family. These include Supernanny Finland, Bachelor Finland and Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts.

We have years of experience working with independent international distributors, and bringing to Finnish television such formats as Secret Song Finland (Laulu Rakkaudelle - Secret Song Suomi), The Great Bake Off Finland (Koko Suomi Leipoo), The Mole (Myyrä) and The Worst Driver (Surkein kuski).

We want to make people’s lives better through telling great stories that are funny, emotional, that make you laugh and cry, that entertain and that creates emotions and experiences.


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