I Can See Your Voice Suomi combines the best of music entertainment programs and quizz shows into a singing carnival!

Everyone sings, whether they have the skill or not.

There are seven “mystery singers” in each episode, some of them are good singers and some are bad. One contestant tries to identify the bad singers from the good ones and wins € 2,000 for each real guess.

During the evening, you will hear not only very skillful song performances, but also completely classless yowling that will send your eardrums on holiday but will put a smile on your face.. In this program, bad singing is good and vice versa, everyone gets to sing!

Heikki Paasonen hosts of the show and the one competitor of the episode will be guided by a celebrity panel with Miitta Sorvali and Robin Packalen as regular members. Can you identify the bad singer?

I Can See Your Voice Suomi can be seen on Nelonen and Ruutu.